M-Power Accommodation is a free, online Accommodation Service that assists tourists, locals and corporate clients find suitable accommodation.

M-Power Accommodation offers a wide variety of Accommodation Hotels, Serviced and Non-Serviced Holiday Apartments, Motels, Resorts and Budget Lodges throughout Australia and New Zealand with a specific focus on Sydney. We also offer Last Minute Deals, Discount Rates and Seasonal Specials.

If you’re seeking accommodation on behalf of a business, M-Power’s dedicated staff can help you find Relocation Accommodation and/or Conference Venues and Accommodation for your next convention or meeting.


M-Power Accommodation Pty Ltd is an independent small business located in Sydney, Australia which has been providing personal, professional and friendly tourism and accommodation services since 1999.


A really appreciate you coming through for me in securing this booking. For what it is worth, dealing with you has been a much more enjoyable experience than the other company I tried. I appreciate your commitment greatly! Kind regards.
Anton W. South Africa

Hi Mitch, Can I just say that this is fabulous service - I can't believe how quickly you got back to me! It's really appreciated - I'm organising for the family to go up to Sydney for a wedding and have a 2 year old baby who is demanding so until I found your service, looking for a hotel was super stressful. thank you again!
Lan H. Melbourne.